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B is for Britain, my home country. As someone who aspires to be a decent nature photographer, and I am inspired more by nature, flora and fauna, than I am by people and architecture, I’d say that there is nowhere with the variety and quality of landscape as Britain. From Devon and Cornwall in the far South-west, to the dramatic and rugged northern islands of Scotland, through the lush Hampshire countryside and the barren moorlands of northern England, I have never seen anywhere with such magnificent photographic opportunities. It’s really a case of you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone – when I lived there I wasn’t interested in photography; now I live in Ontario I have become fascinated by the creative process but I no longer have the fantastic landscape at my front door.

This is a shot I took back in 2008 of a reservoir off the Snake Pass between Manchester and Sheffield. In the middle of a cold spell, the frost had lifted just enough for the reflections to come through the sharp, clear air.

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