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Kids Or children, or babies. The baby photography market is a strong one and growing all the time as new, proud parents see the quality of work that’s out there and decide that little Jemima would look simply adorable tucked up in a washing basket. With a buttercup on her head.

Baby photography has come a long way since the days of Dad taking snapshots. And like all other areas of photography, digital has made a massive difference in terms of accessibility and affordability. You will still pay for the services of a professional baby photographer, but offers through people like Groupon and Wagjag have opened the market up even further.


But, be sure to check out the photographer first, check their portfolio, get some reviews and feedback if you can – just because someone has a professional-sounding studio name and a half-decent website does not mean that they will be able to meet your expectations, or that they have the experience necessary to get a great portfolio of little Jemima once she starts to get upset.

And remember, Anne Geddes has a lot to answer for!

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I have tried for years, not kidding, years, to get the WordPress app for the iPad to work. So, now that I’ve had to redo my site from scratch, let’s give it another try…this picture is one taken from my son’s prom last year.


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