August 2014

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…is not always a dangerous thing. Yesterday, en route to Rockwood to take some shots there, I passed this fellow sitting on a telephone wire. Quickly circling back, I got out of the car with camera in hand and tried to snap him sitting on the wire. As I did, he, how shall we say this, relieved himself. Now, something I have picked up is that this is what a bird does when it’s about to launch itself into flight. And lo, that’s exactly what he did. I have to admit that the quality’s not the greatest, but the pose makes up at least for a little of that.


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Most days I’m a commuter, getting the early train at 6:38 to travel into Toronto. This week, however, I have a few days off and I thought I’d see the train from the other side. Now, a lot of people, especially the Brits, have an enduring love affair with the old steam trains. The heritage lines back in the UK do some fantastic work and I’ve been to a few of them in my time. But I also am fascinated by the power of the diesels that run on the GO (Govt of Ontario) Transit commuter lines. They are huge beasts, the locomotives drawing the twelve double-decker coaches.

So this morning I was up early and off down to a spot that I’d previously seen from my journey home and marked it as a likely location. I took 2 cameras, one to shoot wide-angled and slow from a tripod, with a 2-stop ND filter to slow the exposure even further, and one to shoot handheld to get the standard frozen shot.

Then some funky post-processing using my favourite Nik Collection plugins for PS CC to give me the B&W shot and the Kodachrome simulation. See what you think.






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