April 2015

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In my last post I talked about using film again and showed a few shots taken in black and white. Now b&w can cover up many sins and mistakes but colour can be a little less forgiving, so the next challenge I set myself was to see what the ‘new’ F90x could actually do with colour film. Having looked at what’s available I decided that Kodak Portra 160 had just the feel I wanted. I will be trying out many other film, I think, but Portra seems to have that desaturated look I was going for. Velvia was very different, and the Ektar 100 I have sitting at home is different again. But the question was, could I achieve that look, the look that says, yes, this is a film shot, it’s not some digital instagrammed simulation, it’s the real thing.

A trip to Mountsberg Conservation area over Easter gave me the opportunity to shoot in the countryside but with enough buildings and objects around to break up what could otherwise be a fairly monotonous environment.

Here are some of the results. To my mind, I got exactly what I wanted.
Nikon F90x, Portra 160, scanned on Epson V550.



Mountsberg104Horse – at lunch

Mountsberg108CN train

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