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So now that the rugby league season in Toronto has been brought to a successful conclusion, I’m left with the question as to what I should be looking to photograph over the winter. The Toronto Wolfpack won’t be back in town until at least early May which leaves a bit of a void in the plans of this newly-minted international sports photographer!

Here in Canada the thoughts of the athletic now turn to our two national games, hockey (ice variety) and lacrosse. The latter is our official national game, but the former is the one that every child is brought up to play. My plan is to get to the open pre-season sessions of our Toronto Rock NLL team and see how different it will be shooting inside an arena as opposed to a sunlit, outdoor field. White balance will be completely different as will the overall lighting conditions, but a custom WB should resolve the first of those, while I know that the D610 can produce fine, noise-free pictures at ISO ratings at least up to 1600 if not 3200.

And then there’s my film photography. During the summer I had a trip to B&H in New York and picked up a stack of film, which is now sitting happily in my film freezer in the basement.


I also have plenty of film that I picked up over the last 18 months. All my film goes directly into the freezer so there’s no concern over expiry dates.

Winter should produce some ideal conditions to try out the new Film Ferrania P30 as well as some of the other colour films I have. I recently shot a roll of Lomography 400 which turned out beautifully, so I hope to get some more of that one done.

New York & Pennsylvania
The Zippo Museum, Bradford, PA. Lomography 400, Nikon F90x

We’re hearing that Ektachrome will be back in early 2018, so that’s something to look forward to. Fall also looks to be the ideal time to shoot 120 Ektar, which delivered some excellent, richly coloured, results the last time I shot it.

Barn, Ontario
Barn, Ontario, Kodak Ektar 100, Rolleicord Vb

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I have to say that street photography is not something I normally work with. I generally don’t like the idea of doing a Bruce Gilden and sticking my camera in someone’s face, but I was reading some articles last week and thought about just the general practice of walking round the street taking shots. I know these days everyone’s first thought on seeing a guy with a camera is not an especially positive one, but given that I had half a roll of Kodak Ektar sitting in my F90x and I also wanted to try out some Fuji Superia Xtra 400, I took the bit between my teeth and out I went.

Rather than try to act surreptitiously and attract negative attention I generally shot inanimate subjects but, and this was a nice surprise, on the couple of occasions I did approach someone for a picture they were happy to oblige. I took about 65 shots and came away with around 35-40 keepers. Not a bad ratio. And I love both these films in the sunshine!

St Lawrence Market, Olympus OM4-T, Fuji Superia Xtra 400
Toronto street photography

Front St, Olympus OM4-T, Fuji Superia Xtra 400
Toronto street photography

Construction worker, Nikon F90x, Kodak Ektar 100
Toronto street photography

Busker, Nikon F90x, Fuji Superia Xtra 400
Toronto street photography

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