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About a year ago I started shooting film again. I thought it might be a temporary thing but the more I shoot it, the more I want to shoot and the less I feel like taking the digital cameras out. That’s not to say that the D610 & D7100 don’t have their place; if I’m going to do any wildlife or sports then those are my go-to cameras, but for street, landscape – and a few portraits – I’m thinking more of film than ever before.

And not just shooting film. I’ve also made the step up to developing and printing. Setting up a darkroom wasn’t expensive with the help of Kijiji, Youtube and my niece; it was cheaper to do that than to go to a local college and take lessons, although I do have to discipline myself to use test strips and not just go for the print!

While the variety of film available isn’t what it used to be, the quality is there and I’m slowly getting used to the different characteristics of different films.

Ontario Farm – Kodak Ektar 100, Nikon F90x

Kentmere 400, Olympus Trip 35

Ilford Delta 100, Olympus Trip 35

Kodak Portra 160, Bronica ETRC – medium format

Check out these links for just a few of the ever-increasing number of analogue photography sites.
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The Film Photography project and podcast
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Those who have used a Holga know what a character it is; those who haven’t heard of it need to get one and try it out. The Holga is a gem. Medium format, 120 film. Completely plastic camera – plastic body, plastic lens. Operation is as simple as it gets – exposure is 1/100 or Bulb; focus distance is near, further away, quite far and really far. Aperture is Sunny or Cloudy (roughly f11 or f8). And the body will – as I found – fall open if you’re not careful. But it’s great fun, you’ll find photos all over Flickr and the usual places. I ran a couple of films through mine – Ilford XP2 and Portra 400 – just to see what it looked like. I got that typical Holga vignetting and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it again. Oh, and it cost me less than $40 for the top of the range model with flash. Who says photography has to be expensive?





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